Molly Parsons is a Social Media Manager and brand consultant who has worked with the likes of Thinkhouse, Pernod Ricard and Depop.

Molly started her career with a podcast 'Molly's Minutes' in October 2018, which soon became one of Ireland's most popular and landed her 3 seasons of sponsorship with the "Gen Z" app Depop. Her main tool of promotion is through her Instagram @mouldyparsnips which boasts 14k of  organic followers. in November of 2019 Molly sold out her first live show interviewing Digital Editor of Dazed Anna Cafolla and Activist Lucinda Graham.

Through the success of her own podcast Molly was headhunted by Ireland's public service broadcaster RTE to act as a researcher and contributor on their new fashion podcast 'Dirty Laundry with Tara Stewert' which boasts guests such as Rouland Mouret, Roz Purcell and more to be announced.

Molly has worked freelance as a brand consultant since January 2019, specialising in educating brands on youth culture and how to reach a "Gen Z" audience. She has guest lectured in colleges including The Institute of Art, Design and technology and Technology University in Dublin as well speaking at the esteemed Dalkey Book Festival alongside Emma Dabiri and Emmet Kirwin. 

As well as skills in digital marketing and public speaking, Molly is advanced in Photoshop and InDesign, writes copy freelance for a number of podcasts, has a deep understanding of vintage clothing and runs her own Vintage Store ( MPV ).

Molly is currently based in London.

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